Tiptop is a family-run multidisciplinary design print house. We've been printing from our Miami Beach location since 1986 and our aim has always been the same: to improve people's lives by creating unique and beautiful pieces. It is our belief that much of one's well-being is derived from their immediate surroundings and the spaces they inhabit and the feelings and energy those surroundings evoke. 

Founded in 1986 by Tom Chien, Tom began the family print business as a neighborhood black and white photo developer. Today, Tom's daughter Kristine spearheads the Tiptop team with the vision to offer best in class products and service with a team of like-minded individuals. The Tiptop team is passionate about both the art and science of creating quality products and improving other's lives with a sustainable and progressive approach.

Tiptop has evolved into three areas of expertise: Tiptop Prints, Tiptop Home and Tiptop Craft. With this vertical integration, we are able to provide you with a wealth of services for home, office and commercial projects. Whether enlisting one or all three of our services, the goal is to ensure you receive both quality service and remarkable product and experience.